(George Orwell somehow travels into the future into my living room):

Me: Hey man, what’s up?

George: I’m fine, sir, but let me ask you, how is big brother doing?

Me: You mean the government? It’s partially shut down. Maybe soon all the way shut down.

George: Yes but the spying, are they spying on you?

Me: Probably. But we take our own spy pictures and movies now.

George: I don’t understand.

Me: We all share pictures and movies of our food, jobs, pets, spouses and whatever else for the whole world to see. We then rate each others’ most intimate moments. Other people then use mathematics to measure the rating process. And other people measure the people measuring the rating process.

George: Why? Don’t you want any privacy?

Me: No. We’re too lonely for that. What we crave is attention.

George: That’s... interesting. So you must have also solved food distribution, the oppression of peoples, and wealth inequality to be spending so much time craving attention?

Me: Lol fuck naw brah. We got all that still.

George: Then why is the rating process so important?

Me: Well, without it we would have to focus on those other problems you just mentioned. And we don’t want to do that.

George: Why on earth not?

Me: Because we are easily amused, easily controlled, and easily misled. Didn’t you read that book you wrote?

George: Oh my! Maybe I’ll keep traveling forward in time, perhaps this all turns out ok.

Me: Mmmmmmmm sure, perhaps. Perhaps it does.