Statistics Terminology 101


The area or estate where wine is produced, most commonly in France.


An appliance in your kitchen

Median vs. Average

Similar to Tyson vs. Holyfield, or Family Guy vs. Simpsons. Also, I often use these two words backwards on purpose, to test/confuse people during meetings. I will also use "ambivalent" to mean that "I don't like something", and I like to reverse "reap" and "sow", "ebb" and "tide", and "congeal" and "conjoin".


A phrase used by people who want to sound as important as possible. 

Box and Whisker Plot

This is the original box and whiskers plot, srsly?

This is the original box and whiskers plot, srsly?


Confidence Interval

The amount of time a homeboy can get "back on the market" after being crushed by his woo girl ex...

Confidence Interval for a Mean

Same as above, except accompanied by a felony being committed.


Scientist nerds, mostly male and mostly jealous that no one invented a test that combines a screening for cancer with the touching of breasts, created this chart to help sate their desire to have a larger mound in the middle.

Least Squares

The group of coworkers at lunchtime that appears to have the fewest number of idiots in it.


No one knows what this test is.


This is the last test you perform before running your dissertation through a plagiarism-checker website. 


Any time someone uses this word in a discussion about statistics, you should immediately respond with "Population: You!"


A finite and highly consistent amount of time, weight, or money.


I knew this dude Quan who designed bathroom tiles. Guess what his website was called?


I knew this woman named Quin who.... oh nevermind.

Regression Analysis

This is the highly lucrative vector between PhD level statistics and psychiatry. Turns out that there are no shortage of stat nerds whose moms were horrifyingly abusive to them as children.

Standard Deviation


Wilcoxon Mann-Whitney Test

Oh come on! No one can possibly make anything funny out of this phrase!