Who is Alan Smithee?

While I was in sales at Tableau, I ran a blog for about 4 years. alansmitheepresents.org

At first, it was just an inside joke. I also started it as a place to dump examples of the Tableau work to use during my sales engagements. We all used it a ton over the years. Over time it took on a life of its own. I kept meeting people who would "find out" that I was Alan Smithee and Alan Smithee was I. Today it has hundreds of thousands of page views, and the google adwords income pays for all my other vanity domains combined! Hurrah for e-commerce!

I haven't updated it since July of 2014 and don't plan to, but I'm leaving it there like a fly in amber. Looking back on those times, I kind of laugh at how odd the internet can be sometimes. Also, this northwestcoder.com website reuses some of its examples. Waste not, want not!