The Sacrifices of Greece in the Second World War

Interesting iconography and charts abound in this government-sponsored book dated 1946. Very, very ahead of its time in terms of charts/visuals (even if not best-practice by today's standards).


Check out a few examples:

"Distribution of Rural vs Urban populations in 1940"

(Pie charts on Maps)

caption: "A whole rural population was condemned by international conditions to live on this poor soil. Thus he was forced to build big cities and live in them" [ed: bizarre statement...]

"Decline of Imports and Exports 1941-1943"

(some strange variation on a box plot)

caption: "The Axis reacted to the lowering of Greek production by stopping all imports into the country. The picture of the diminution of Greek export and import trade is typical of the economic warfare waged by Greece during the occupation. Because of the economic warfare the conquest of Greece proved a liability for the Axis."

Legend: 1. Foodstuffs, 2. Raw Materials, 3. Manufactured Articles, 4. Total. Above the line: imports, below the line: exports

"Annual Agricultural Production During the Occupation 1941-1944"

(Junk Chart or Old-timey heat map.)

caption: "The production of crops which the Axis specially needed, such as tobacco and cotton, fell off to a much greater extent than anything else and reached a very low percentage."

Legend, in the following order: 1. olives, 2. oil, 3. grapes, 4. currants, 5. fruits, dried fruits, 6. must [ed: must: fruit juice or young wine]. Red indicates diminution.